The Draconian Legacy Series

An epic science fiction saga featuring action, romance, adventure, good and bad aliens, future technology, and a dose of metaphysical and spiritual philosophy.

An alien plot to dominate planet Earth, dating back thousands of years, is coming to fruition.

Billions of people die, and the economy goes into free-fall.

Jed Stone, a genius scientist with a brilliant mind, rises to become one of the key people in the fight to save mankind.

As his plans develop, an ancient and powerful sect with a bloodline traceable back to the original progeny of humans interbred with a renegade alien race, attempt to thwart him.

They have received a vision of a new world, a world of enhanced human consciousness, which neither fits their purpose nor is physically survivable in their hybrid state. They must stop the Ascension of the Earth and her inhabitants at all costs.

As the economy collapses, Tarib Ali, a strange, enigmatic, and charismatic man appears from the wilderness. He begins to teach world leaders a new philosophy of living and, with his followers, brings forth the dawn of a new Golden Age.

But the sect will not give up. In the chaos of a decimated middle east, with immense resources and wealth at their disposal, they gather up weaponry and men forming a massive and powerful, nuclear armed military force. They are determined to lay waste the western world and halt the process of Ascension.

After a journey of a thousand years, the renegade alien race approach Earth with an immense war fleet of vast spaceships, intent on imposing their ‘final solution’.

A huge battle ensues, just beyond high Earth High Orbit. Set against the invading alien horde is Earth, re-armed with alien technology. They are backed up by a friendly alien race, and a never seen before power wielded by Tarib Ali. The fight is on to save humanity from annihilation.

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