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Humanity fights as one to survive an alien onslaught

After the Brotherhood’s unsuccessful attempt to prevent the Ascension of the planet, mankind settles into a period of reconciliation and adaptation.

But the peace is short-lived.

After a prolonged absence, Tarib and Irma reappear at the White House and bring a dire warning. The alien race responsible for the plant and virus weapon have not ceased in their quest.

A massive and hostile alien space fleet enters the Solar System.

They know their weapon has failed.

But they have burnt their bridges.

Facing a one thousand year journey back to their home planet, it is conquest of Earth or nothing.

The world has disarmed and appears defenseless. Tarib Ali and Jed Stone join forces again to prepare the world.

The scene is set for a massive interplanetary battle, with humankind and the Pleiadeans pitted against the Draconians for the possession of planet Earth.


Coming later in 2021 –  Book 5 – The Glitch

Set eighteen years after the Ascension, another catastrophe faces mankind. Artificial Intelligence has been a boon to the worlds population, enabling a life of plenty for all with no requirement for money.
The world’s machinery is all connected via a global network, The Shell, an offshoot of the World Wide Web. A self sustaining, repairing and reproducing entity. Its embedded central protocol code, designed to protect mankind and believed to be infallible, falters
The Shell was the last invention ever created by man, as human beings became no more than ants in comparison to its intelligence and creativity.  It becomes a formidable foe threatening to make the world its own.
One young man, Jed’s second son Abraham, touched with a cosmic awareness and immense intelligence following Jed’s contact with the Pleiadeans, is the only hope for the world.