The Cull

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The Cull 

Book 2 of The Draconian Legacy series

A weapon of Armageddon. The virus takes hold. Civilisation begins to crumble.


The plant which carries the virus dispersing spores grows rapidly. It overruns Cairo and spreads across the continent and further afield.

Jed Stone becomes the central adviser to the President of the United States.

The Egyptian doctor, Barak Petrakis, deduces that the plant and virus are not random but have a terrifying, predefined purpose.

Irma Randolph’s role becomes clear but is nothing when compared to her extraordinary future. Her vital revelation is compromised after the CDC’s network is hacked.

Tony Parsons is the owner of a specialist IT security company and one of the greatest minds in security algorithms, he becomes one of the central players.

The huge death toll, amounting to billions of souls, leads the world economy to the brink of collapse.

At stake is the survival of the human race.

Standing in the way of salvation is The Brotherhood; an ancient group whose blood-line and allegiance are tied to a renegade race of aliens who are approaching the culmination of an eight-thousand year plan for the domination of Earth.