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A dangerous viral outbreak rampages through Angola. On another part of the continent, events are taking place which will change the world.

Two scientists unearth an artifact from the desert sand close to the Great pyramid. Accidentally activating the object, believed to be of extraterrestrial origin, they set off a catastrophe of global proportions.

Jed Stone is a genius, and an unorthodox, highly creative, adaptable scientist who is fighting the virus in Angola. The time will soon come when he will take on the most important role of his life as he is placed on the world stage at the forefront of the battle against the new pandemic.

Irma Randolph is in orbit on the Interplanetary Transport Craft Virgo and is receiving strange dreams and visions after the ship picks up an anomalous radio signal, apparently for the future. She holds vital information.

The scientists die as a strange plant disperses disease carrying spores. A local doctor discovers the horrifying effect it has on the human body but has no way to stop it.

Cairo faces a dark future, but many more cities will fall.

The first battle to save the human race has begun. But it will not be the last.