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A novella


                   A delightful tale of true love tinged with tragedy.

                   Long before the story told in Valiant Heart and A Shattered Mind, Beginnings sees the start of Mike and Hannah’s relationship as teenagers. Mike is in his early days in the Army and their love must overcome the setbacks of separation as he begins deployments abroad.

                    Soon, the Falkland Islands conflict arises and Mike is sent to the South Atlantic. Here he experiences his first taste of the horrors of real combat and witnesses an event which lays the foundations in his mind of the mental trauma he faces at the end of his career.

                    On his return, blissfully in love, they marry.

                    But Life deals them a bitter-sweet card as Hannah faces the ultimate tragedy and, almost at the same time, perfect joy.

                    A story of adventure, romance, and action.



A short story

The Prelude to The Draconian Legacy Series

Jed displays his remarkable mind from an early age, building and designing his own model rockets. He is fast-tracked through school and on to university. But not all is plain sailing, tragedy changes his life and early relationships bring out his misfit personality. A fascinating insight into his mind and family life. 


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For adventure, intrigue, romance, mystery, psychological thrills, and a touch of visionary and metaphysical concepts, delve into the world of Robert Jepson’s books

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COVID 19, The Draconian Legacy, and the fragility of society.

Our society is too fragile. People have become weaker, mentally and physically. Our infrastructure, economy, world trade and commerce, are so finely balanced that a small perturbation will bring the whole lot crashing down. There is little resilience in western society. In Britain, we could not face a scenario such as WW2 in this present …