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Book 3 of The Draconian legacy series 


Hope amid chaos and a looming nuclear war. A battle for, and of, hearts and minds.

In the aftermath of the alien plant invasion, billions have died. The global economy is in free-fall. The consciousness of humanity begins to change.

An enigmatic figure appears, seeming to have come from nowhere. Tarib Ali and his followers guide the planet into a new philosophy and economy, in line with the changes taking place within people and the earth itself. It is the dawn of golden age of peace and prosperity.

As humanity takes the first steps into its next evolution, a dark force arises. One man, the last survivor of the Brotherhood, forms a mighty army out of the chaos of the Middle East, hell bent on destruction and revenge.

Behind the scenes is another force, an alien species which have been appointed to oversee the planet for centuries. They can assist mankind but Galactic Law prevents direct intervention.

It is down to Jed Stone, with help from Tarib Ali, to engineer the use of unfamiliar powers to fight the aggression and, once again, attempt to save mankind from oblivion.