A Shattered Mind

Sailing the Hebridean Islands of Scotland

In A Shattered Mind, Mike takes a sabbatical as he tries to control his PTSD. He embarks on a solo voyage with his yacht to the Western Isles of Scotland.

This piece of writing comes from my life experience as a sailor. Few sailing grounds in the world rank as high as this area for scenery, and for challenging and rewarding sailing.

It is my joy to sail my yacht in these waters, usually twice a year. You can be sure the descriptions in the book are written with authenticity!

Here is the link to my old blog where there is a write-up of one of my voyages in 2014. Vivid descriptions, photographs, and some of my poetry too! I hope you enjoy reading it.

2014 voyage to the Western Isles






The Mercedes 280SL Pagoda



The 1963 Merceds 280SL Pagoda, the car of choice for villain Jason Harrington in A Shattered Mind.

An extremely beautiful and desirable classic car, the value of one could cost the price of a house, depending on where you live.

Sir Stirling Moss in a letter to the racing director Alfred Neubauer  “In all the years I have been driving, I cannot remember ever driving a car that I would have liked to own more (except for racing cars!)”.

It would be my car of choice too, I would love to own one but guess that will have to wait! 

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