Dark Waters Download for Kobo Reader or Tablet

Option 1: Direct Download


  1. Open your Kobo Tablet and make sure it’s connected to wi-fi or mobile internet
  2. On your Kobo tablet, navigate to this page (if you’re not already on your mobile phone or tablet right now): click
  3. If you’re using your Kobo tablet right now, just click this link to download the ebook: click
  4. If asked “Are you sure you would like to download this file?” tap “Yes”.
  5. The file will download to your device and will be available inside your Kobo App in your books library.

Option 2: Transfer via Computer


  1. Use a computer (not a mobile device) to download this file: click
  2. Connect your Kobo device to your computer using the supplied USB cable and locate the device in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder (usually in “My Computer” or “Devices” on Mac).
  3. On your computer, locate the ebook file you just downloaded
  4. Drag the ebook file from your computer onto your Kobo device
  5. The book will appear in your library